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PCI is committed to providing you with the best industry experience and service 

Advancing Medical Education


The PC Institute for Medical Education, LLC (PCI) is the largest and most equipped hands-on medical education facility in New England. Its 20,000 sq ft has 24 state-of-the-art bioskills stations, high-fidelity simulation suites, and extensive audio-visual capabilities designed to serve all your medical education needs.


PCI is a physician-founded medical training facility located near Boston, MA & Providence, RI – the epicenter of higher education and innovation. It embodies a tradition of innovative approaches to healthcare and a commitment to advancing professional education and research for orthopedics, neurosurgery, and many other surgical specialties.


This multi-purpose facility offers multiple lab spaces for bioskills training, hands-on simulation, and advanced EMS training. It has configurable meeting rooms and cutting-edge A/V technologies. Our professional and certified staff ensures seamless coordination of all activities leading to a successful training event from beginning to end.

Multi-purpose Event Space

•    Conference Rooms

•    Lab Space

•    Multimedia Production Studio


The facility is clean, well equipped, and well-staffed, and the staff was incredibly helpful; they have the equipment you need to perform your surgeries,  and the tissue procurement is flawless. I would highly recommend them.


Dr. Michael Mason - Orthopedic Surgeon

“The course was well organized, fun, and overall, a good learning experience.”


St. Anne’s Hospital


Group size was great, less intimidation. I

recognize the need for hands-on, functional training.


EMS training participant

Simulation worth experiencing
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