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PCI is committed to providing you with the best industry experience and service 


Bioskills’ 20,000 sq. foot facility was designed to become an extension of your company’s education and research & development programs for both large and small events. 


This facility is a turn-key solution for all your bioskills needs with multiple labs. These labs are also equipped with cutting-edge videography equipment for live-streaming, video production, and archiving. Our main lab can accommodate up to 18 stations, each with C-arms. We also have a private OR suite that can accommodate four stations and two additional single-station labs, each accommodating C-arms.


Our facility has a large auditorium with state-of-the-art audiovisuals. Large, medium and small configurable conference rooms can be used as classrooms, lunch and learn, amongst other activities. Each lab and room is outfitted to provide both live streaming within the center as well as broadcasting via the internet. We have a catering kitchen to meet all of your dining needs, and much more.

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